Content Guide 2015

The Pens to Lens program covers a wide range of ages, and some content that’s fine for the older viewers¬†may be inappropriate for the younger viewers. ¬†The following scripts were written by older students and contain brief moments of intensity, violence, or language that some parents may not be comfortable showing to their young children.

  • Nightmare on Walnut Street: Contains a mildly intense sequence with a ghost which may be disturbing to some kids.
  • Sun Black and the Cannibal Dwarf: As the title suggests, the dwarf is seen eating cartoonish props which appear to be human (or dwarf) remains.
  • Heaven Forbid: Scene implying suicide.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The titular robot traps and gasses a group of people (no on-screen deaths).
  • Influence and Pressure: A sympathetic robot cuts some wires and kills himself.

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