Announcing the Fourth Annual Pens to Lens Screening & Awards Gala

Tickets for the 4th Annual Pens to Lens Gala are now on sale! This year’s Gala features 18 films based on scripts written by K-12 students from all across East Central Illinois. The red carpet event begins at 1 p.m. on Saturday, August 13 at the historic Virginia Theater in downtown Champaign, with movies aimed at younger viewers beginning at 2pm and movies for older students beginning at 6pm. More information is available on the Facebook Event here.

The Pens to Lens Gala is FREE for children under 18. Tickets can be purchased at The Virginia Theater website here.

While films in the 2 p.m. show are appropriate for all ages, some films in the later block may be intense for kids under 13.

2 p.m.:

“The Search for Pizza” by Evan Unzicker, 4th Grade
“Burrito as a Pet” by Devante Derrickson, 8th Grade
“The Cody Chronicles: Murphy’s Law” by John Nicol, 9th Grade
“Horrors” by Fred Scher, 5th Grade
“Wanda and Pickles Discover the Earth”, Ella Kirwan, 8th Grade
“The Runaway Toilet” by Adrian Blume, 3rd Grade
“Bananas and Mr Snake’s Big Adventure” by Caleb Wolters, 3rd Grade
“The Alarm Clock” by Nathan Lee, 2nd Grade
“Listen” by Ethan Grinberg, 8th Grade
“The End of the World” by Caleb Pyrz, Chase Vickers, Nik Johnson, and Brett Barcus, 8th Grade

6 p.m.:

“Bumps in the Night” by Madeline De Coste, 8th Grade
“The Goldfish” by Katarina Blakeslee, 11th Grade
“Love and Death” by Cameron Johnson, 11th Grade
“Fast Rodney, Who Was On His Way Out”, by Gabriela DeLisle Diaz, 11th Grade
“The Potato Boy” by Shardale Negre and Kayla Gardner, 8th Grade
“The Star Prince” by Parker Evans, 10th Grade
“Lance Lawson: The Case of the of the Misplaced Politician” by Mitchell Flanagin, 12th Grade
“Hello Fear” by Autumn Ellis, 10th Grade

The winners of the Student Film Festival will also be shown.

2pm show:
“The Weirder it Gets” by Rowan Fisher
“Flying Jedi” by Florence Lin

6pm show:
“Summer Daze” by Sarah Stelzer

Pens to Lens is a screenwriting competition that invites K-12 students in East Central Illinois to submit original screenplays. If their screenplay is chosen, a member of the local filmmaking group Champaign Movie Makers (CMM) will turn that script into a short film. Additional scripts will be adapted as movie posters by designers from the Champaign-Urbana Design Organization (CUDO).

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