Screenplays Chosen for Films in 2013

  • “The Devil Uses Purell” by Ella G.Cassie trades the devil her soul for a hamburger but the devil makes a big fuss over it because it’s not clean so Sammi and Danielle have to save Cassie from herself.
  • “Dinner Party Antics” by Aly
    Jim and Jenna are waiting outside of Jim’s cousin, Dave’s home and are reminiscing of prior “Dinner Parties.”
  • “Even and Odd” by Iona H.
    Ivy and her dog Idris are invited into a parallel world by her unconscious self to help finish a quest.
  • “Fluffystein” by three students from Next Generation School
    A little girl’s beloved toy bunny goes missing and is used for malicious purposes.
  • “Into The Mine” by Blake P. and Logan L.
    Two boys are ready to mine, but someone’s watching them and they don’t know who.
  • “Super Duper Low” by Quinn
    Super Quinn teaches Mr. Machine about diabetes during their fight.
  • “Susan and Daisy’s Adventure: Episode I” by Beatrice, Catherine, David, Dennis, Jonathan, Reuben, & Saewoong
    Two poor people need money to get a house so they catch an eel.
  • “Tunnel To Greenland” by Ruth C.
    A young girl and boy try to dig a tunnel to Greenland to see snow and ice during the summertime.
  • “Unexpected Trip” by three students from Urbana High School
    The story is about a Mexican family that experiences poverty and immigration problems as they come to the U.S.A.; it is based on a true story and it talks about the lives of illegal immigrants and what they go through.

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