Pens to Lens 2015 DVD


The 2016 Pens to Lens program premiered at the Virginia Theater on August 15th, 2015.  This DVD includes the following short films, all written by K-12 students and produced by Champaign area filmmakers:

  • The Game of Life or Spies
  • Tea Time
  • The Man Who Was Crazy About Noodles
  • FarmBall
  • The Feeling of Music
  • Nightmare on Walnut Street
  • Bob and Oscar’s Epic Quest for Ice Cream
  • Secret Agent Squirrel
  • The Friendship is Gone
  • The Moose Emergency
  • Just Another Day At The Station
  • Latté Feelings
  • Sun Black and the Cannibal Dwarf
  • Heaven Forbid
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Better Days
  • Influence and Pressure
  • It’s All Done and Over With
  • Sunshine
  • What’s The Password?

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Pens to Lens - Aug 18, 2015 |