Pens to Lens 2014: Scripts Currently In Production

Thank you all for your patience!  While some titles may be added to this list in the coming weeks, we’re ready to announce 17 scripts currently in production!  The complete lineup for the Gala in early August will be released in mid-July, along with other details for the event.  Good work everyone, and congratulations to all of the selected writers!

A Visit From The Tooth Fairy

Written by Adrian Blume, 1st Grade
Directed by Robin Berthier
Adrian loses a tooth and catches the tooth fairy.

The Adventures of Mr. Pancake

Written by Ayan Ehsan, Zander Hackman, Olivia Havard, & Nolan Lawson, 2nd Grade
Directed by Andrew Nygard
A talking pancake, lion, and mouse learn to play nicely together (and not be eaten).

Who Babysits Zombies?

Written by Eric Miebach, Audrey Young, Kalani Rentschler, Dalton Carmien, 3rd Grade
Directed by Chris Lukeman
Zombie heads underwater looking for a snack, but Mermaid and Water Boy have other plans.

The Dummy Vs. The Mad Robots

Written by Mary Bryant, Jackson Reder, Nate Hopkins, and Trevor Hahn, 3rd Grade
Directed by Carter Boyce
On a visit to the city, Bob encounters the Master, whose dummy ends up proving his worth by defeating the mad robots.

Watch Out For Butterflies

Written by Megan Graham, Alejandro Hernandez, Jocelyn LeFaivre, 3rd Grade
Directed by Joe Taylor and Thomas Nicol
Two mad scientists invent a new animal who meets an unusual fate.

Fast and Furious 8

Written by Urias Smith, 4th Grade
Directed by Andrew Stengele
Two men go to another country to race.

Guys Go Green

Written by Benjamin Keating & Claire Keating, 5th Grade
Directed by Mike Trippiedi
Two young adults learn a lesson from a plant.

Double-O Kevin

Written by David Cerezo, 6th Grade
Directed by Joe Taylor and Bill Kephart
A worm named Double-O Kevin works in a spy agency and fights villains.

The Sorceress

Written by Madeline De Coste, 6th Grade
Directed by Emily Jahn
When evil queen/sorceress Solsetur tries to find young sorceress Luna, the loyalty of her advisor, Orion, is called into question.

Race You to Russia

Written by John Patrick Nicol, 7th Grade
Directed by Luke Boyce
A clever boy beats a bully to a bogus destination.

Zack and the Mountain Man

Written by Preston Richardson, 8th Grade
Directed by Thomas Nicol
A kid who had his parents killed in a car goes and lives with mountain man for a little bit untill someone comes to get him.

Mr. Snuggles

Written by Andrew Kowalski, Curtis Bradley, and Garret Williams, 8th Grade
Directed by Andrew Gleason, Thomas Nicol, and Anna Zorn
Something strange is going on with Tyler’s teddy bear.


Written by Lana Fitzgerald, Ellie D’Andria, and Alora Rent, 8th Grade
Directed by Tim Meyers
A young boy with an imagination goes on a medieval adventure… to a grocery store.

The Bedtime Story

Written by Jasmine Domingo, 9th Grade
Directed by Jennifer Bechtel
A busy older brother tells his younger sister a short story.


Written by Mason McAnally, Nick Boeji, Cody Jesswien, 11th Grade
Directed by Victor Miely
Story follows a Marine who weighs his decisions he has made.

The Doughnut Dance

Written by Jessie Denning, 11th Grade
Directed by Jason Knade
Love the Last

The Runner

Written by Nathan Martin. 12th Grade
Directed by Anne Lukeman
Not knowing where she is or what is happening, Skylar finds herself being hunted and she only knows one way to survive. Run!

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