3rd Annual Pens to Lens Gala Lineup

The lineup for the 3rd Annual Pens to Lens Screening and Awards Gala has been announced and tickets for the August 15th event are now available for purchase on The Virginia Theater website.

Pens to Lens Screening and Awards Gala 2015:

2pm K-8th Grade Block


  • “Bob and Oscar’s Epic Quest for Ice Cream” By Robert Mercer
  • “FarmBall” by Tyler Hensch, Damian Knoll, Kalani Rentschler, and Nathaniel Wiesbrook
  • “Game of LIFE or Spies?” by William Jurgens
  • “Just Another Day At The Station” by Madeline De Coste
  • “Nightmare on Walnut Street” by Mary Thayn, Mary Russell, and Gracie Sands
  • “Secret Agent Squirrel” by Mara Burkhalte and Kailyn Ingram
  • “Tea Time” by Jonny Poulter
  • “The Feeling of Music” by Kalika Shapiro
  • “The Friendship is Gone” by Anya Gardner and Lillian Ahmad
  • “The Man Who Was Crazy About Noodles” by Roger Spark, Jacob Smith, Lauren Kim, Nathan Lee, and Anika Ravi
  • “The Moose Emergency” by Lydia Hacker

6pm 8th-12th Grade Block


  • “Artificial Intelligence” by Lillian Hall
  • “Better Days’ by Nathan McCloud
  • “Heaven Forbid” by Jasmine Domingo
  • “Influence and Pressure” by Emily Yan, Zoe Lavigne, and Edith Yao
  • “It’s All Done and Over With” by Anika Bryant
  • “Latte Feelings” by Jeremy Brown
  • “Sun Black and the Cannibal Dwarf” by Alahna Van Matre
  • “Sunshine” by Hope Llewellyn
  • “What’s the Password?” by Eliza Foli
  • “Mary”, directed by Jessie Anne Denning, winner of the inaugural Pens to Lens High School Film Festival.

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