Content Guide

The Pens to Lens program covers a wide range of ages, and some content that’s fine for the older viewers may be inappropriate for the younger viewers.  All shorts in the afternoon block are appropriate for all ages; the following scripts playing in the evening block, however, were written by older students and contain brief moments of intensity, violence, or language that some parents may not be comfortable showing to their young children.

  • Chances: Some soldiers are shown in a shoot-out with an unseen enemy, and one is wounded by an IED blast.  No blood is shown; brief mild language.
  • Zack and the Mountain Man: A man is shown drinking while driving, and he flips the car, killing himself and his wife.  No blood or bodies are shown.
  • The Runner: One character is shot, and two are stabbed in the head and chest.  Minimal blood; brief moderate language.

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